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December 12, 2010


mark linville

I guess that puts a question mark on any 2011 reunion with Bill Connors, and, I would wonder, about any possible future with Al DiMeola. But, hey, that's rock n roll... or, in this case, jazz-rock. Mores that pity....

mark linville

After viewing the clip, and hearing Lenny White say that RTF plays lines "... from the jazz nomenclature...", I'm more inclined to think that both Bill and Al are being "left out" as not being "jazzy" enough, which is somewhat ironic, considering what first Connors, and then DiMeola brought to jazz with the addition of both their fiery electric guitar work. Gamble - and Luc-Ponty - maybe "more jazz", but based on the debate over what is - or isn't - jazz/rock (or jazz/fusion), I'm not so sure he's anymore jazz than the other two. I guess I'm especially disappointed that both White and Clarke agreed to this. And, no, I don't believe it's about money - that's nice, but it just makes the whole thing possible; it's not, in my opinion, the reason for any RTF reunion. Then again, what ever broke the band apart in the first place probably is still there. I just don't understand how Stanley and Lenny can deal with it, and Bill and Al couldn't (or wouldn't).

Oh well.....


I'm fairly certain that Connors, for a time, was going to be the guy for this iteration of the band. How they got from Connors to Gambale I can't say, though it's obvious there's been some drama surrounding this group since they first reformed a couple of years ago. That said, I love Gamable's playing, and can't wait to hear him with these guys.

mark linville

Rich, I do believe you hit the nail on the head: drama! I'm sure the playing will, of course, be brilliant! Hopefully some video will pop up as I'm not as familiar with Gambale's playing.


I have plenty of faith the new members. This should be an interesting ride.


I heard that Bill Connors bowed out due to some sort of health issue, and that's when Gambale was given the guitar chair. IMHO, Gambale is the best fusion guitarist on the planet, so, from my point of view, this will be a stellar band. As far as Dimeola, personally was not impressed with his electric playing on their 2008 reunion, but did really enjoy his acoustic work. It's also well known that Dimeola can be a difficult individual to work with. Anyway, I am really looking forward to this version of RTF.

Petar Atanasov

mark linville do you know what jazz is?
and if you do what you heard ever Al di Meola play jazz or jazz lines and if you do please post a link for me.Because i have never heard Al play jazz and he just is not good improviser at all so he had no place in a band with Chick Corea..


Gamble is a perfect and I will enjoy hearing Ponty additions/ contributions. Di Meola? A virtuoso and a bit stiff. I like Gamble much better, more feeling and blues in the man.


Music is not a competition. So does it really matter who is the fastest,rockest,jazziest,etc. the main thing here is that all the members of the band are great muso`s and this line up will undoubtably create some great music. I just cant wait for a CD & DVD of the bands life gigs.

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