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April 25, 2010



more footage ... please ;))


Unfortunately I didn't take this footage myself. I wish!


I definitely get Alex Machacek. I love Greg Howe. I simply don't get Wayne Krantz. I have been playing bass and guitar for over twenty years and Wayne Krantz sounds like me practicing. I have tried to like him because you post him so much. But I simply don't get it. He is mediocre at best and should be glad he has so much support.


Here is the same basic Idea as Wayne's band with way better execution and much less fanfare.


We say the map is different from the territory. But what is the territory? Operationally, somebody went out with a retina or a measuring stick and made representations which were then put on paper. What is on the paper map is a representation of what was in the retinal representation of the man who made the map; and as you push the question back, what you find is an infinite regress, an infinite series of maps. The territory never gets in at all. […] Always, the process of representation will filter it out so that the mental world is only maps of maps, ad infinitum.

Krantz has long abandoned concepts of genre and style, as his path has become more personal, more searching. “It doesn’t bother me to evoke the blues or jazz or rock with my playing. These idioms have fallen into common domain now; nobody owns them, they belong to everyone,” he says, “but it does bother me to hear myself playing with the voice of another specific individual. It interferes with my search for the truth, which is basically what I’m about with this thing of music.”

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