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February 07, 2010



Thanks for the info, nice blog..

T. Blake

Got tix to 2/19 MSG show. Will post review asap.


Will Tal W. be on bass for these Spring-2010 shows? Anyone know?


I believe it's another bass player, can't remember the name, female also. Check Jeff's official website.


The bass player is Rhonda Smith...a bit more of a funk styler than Tal.

I saw them last night at the Palais, Melbourne..awesome. Narada Michael Walden unbelievable drummer! :)

Danny Thomas

Saw Jeff back last night at the Enmore in Sydney and all I can say is, if you thought the last line up was good dont miss this one. Brilliant ! !

Hope Jeff comes back again soon !


Thank you very much...
Best, Narada


Saw Jeff last year at Enmore and that was sensational Went last night and the drummer and bass player are .....well stars in their own right...from the get go the drummer had me shaking my head in disbelief , double bass kick drums like it was thunder... ..ditto the bas player who does vocals ala Imogen Heap
on 2 tracks and a bass solo that was incredible and musical...strong personalities both players , very different to last year lineup or the Ronnie Scott feel. Jeff was generous, shared the limelight but played beautifully though imn some ways with less fire. Not a criticism just an honest observation from a fan who loves him
Personally I couldnt care less , because its an honour to see him in any frame , but the Jeff I love is the slightly dangerous one Dont miss it if you have a chance Hope he'sback again next year. i was 6 rows back in the stalls.2 hour set Still dazed and confused


Thanks for the feedback guys!


Just saw him in L.A. backed by a 20 piece orchestra!! I've seen him over a dozen times over the years. He was simply at the top of his game. Awesome!


I've seen Jeff with every lineup including the Yardbirds. He is on a musical journey and this new lineup and set list is the next step. If there is one thing I've learned over the decades it's not to expect anything in particular from Jeff Beck. If you do you'll probably be disappointed!

I was at the April 16th show in SF and all I can say is that it was one of the best concerts I've been to, period. The sound was great and the performances were spectacular. I thought the crescendo during Nessun Dorma was literally going to bring the house down!

The new CD is no less spectacular sound and performance wise. Overall his best work since Blow by Blow and, judging from early reports, also commercially successful.

"Ragweed" Rick

St. Louis show April 29th pix:


Saw the show last night in St.Louis. It was excellent. Jeff is at the top of his game and the band was hot!Don't miss him on this tour. He might take a few years off again! The rhythm section was great(Narada Michael Walden and Rhonda Smith were stellar!). The mix was perfect!

Maud in St. Louis

Thanks, Rick, for posting the great photos from the St. Louis show at the Fabulous Fox. I was there too, sitting much farther back with my eyes glued to my binoculars so I could marvel at the technique.

Jeff Beck's show on April 29, 2010 was truly the best show I've ever attended in my life...and I've been to pretty many concerts (and been a fan since Jeff was in the Yardbirds.) It's days later and I am still revisiting Jeff's show in my memory.

This concert was so powerful because not only was Jeff truly in brilliant form but also he was showcased by a band that complemented his virtuosity to absolute perfection. Jeff's ensemble consisted of Narada Michael Walden, Rhonda Smith, and Jason Rebello...all great artists in their own right. The were the right band with the right energy for where Jeff is right now. It was a glorious concert.

I found a setlist from the Kansas City show that looks like it was the same as what we heard in St. Louis:

Set: Eternity's Breath/Stratus, Led Boots, Corpus Christi, Hammerhead, Mna Na Eireann, bass solo, People Get Ready, Rollin' and Tumblin', Never Alone, Big Block, Over the Rainbow, Blast from the East, Angels, Dirty Mind, Brush With The Blues, I Wanna Take You Higher; A Day In The Life.

Encore: How High the Moon, Nessun Dorma.

Mary Murphy

Can someone confirm Beck's tour dates for thi summer in the US. Not seeing anything on this site for Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Cinn, etc which are listed as being on the schedule. His show in St Louis last week was so incredible, we want to fly in and see him again this summer.

Ian Leslie

Review of his Sheffield UK Concert - 22nd Oct

Wow! What can I say? Jeff played an absolute blinder. Wonderfully relaxed he hit the stage at 8:50 and worked his way through a collection of tracks from the past and his latest Emotion and Commotion album. I'm a big fan of Jeff and I can honestly say I have never seen or heard him play so well. His solos on the rockier tracks were expressive and inventive whilst his guitar work on the quieter instrumentals had us all completely spell bound. The interplay between him and the drummer (the excellent Narada Michael Walden) was exhilarating and a sign that the two were really enjoying each other’s performance. All in all … one and half hours of Jeff on the top of his game. Thank you Jeff, Narada, Jason and Rhonda for an evening that will remain with me always!

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