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February 23, 2010


Mark LeSage

Rich, what amp was he using? Really nice tone.


I don't recall the amp, but this new speaker has a lot to do with it. It has a big knob on the back to change the attenuation. It's all mechanical. They had a few of them hooked up at preset levels, and Chris would switch between them while he was playing. Later in the vid you'll see where the Eminence guy brings one out to show Chris how it works.


When those $800 Fluxtone speakers came out, I told two different audio/elect engineers about them. Both engineers responded that it would be way simpler and cheaper to design a way of physically widening or narrowing the magnet config.

And that's what Eminence did.


Oh yeah, Chris Poland's phrasing and runs are just killin' me!!!

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