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November 15, 2009



In all the interviews I've seen, Steve seems like a genuine, fun cat. It's obvious that he can shred. But really, how does this style serve the song? I'm bored with the gymnastics, and I wish he would drop the need to outshred everyone he sits in with. JB is already pushing the envelope of how much speed can still feel soulful over a slow blues, but I think he pulls it off nicely. Luke should sit in with Holdsworth, and get over himself.

Steve Lukather

Hi guys,
Lukather here. I am afraid my man chester ( see above) was right. I overplayed. I am sorry. It was the moment and this was the first time I have played live after qutting smoking and drinking so I was nervous. lol I dont usually get nervous but hey.. I am human. I LOVE Joe. He is so tasty and such a great cat. He asked me to sit in and I had a great time but this clip and MIX kinda suck. I usually have more restraint but it WAS just a jam. Please dont hate me. haha
Have a nice day.



See, you ARE a cool cat, and I feel like a d__k for givin you a hard time. Congrats on giving up vices, and I apologize for being critical in a juvenile way. I've seen you live with Steve Morse and Albert Lee, and I was blown away. I'm just venting cause I'm a wannabe who can't make it out of the club scene. Sorry.

Jim Moody

Lukather, Looked like Joe was having a good time looks like you were too. Those of us who are Joe fans and have seen him do this song live know that the solo in it is as lyrical and dynamic as you can get on a guitar. Not really a jam type song where you cut heads through the verses.

I am just glad somebody posted some videos for those of us that couldn't be there. I would hope to see you guys get together and jam again sometime in a much less structured song. More uptempo.

I know Joe was thrilled to be able to get a chance to play with you and even though I thought you kind of went overboard I have still watched it three times just to see all the shit you were doing. Wow.

Mark LeSage

I'm in agreement with chester and Steve. It almost immediately felt like Steve was just off that night. Steve, it seemed like you we're trying too hard to find your groove on this, and I blame it on quitting smoking and drinking (congrats by the way). The irritability and anxiousness, both common side effects of quitting, would definitely distract you from connecting with the soul of the tune. Perhaps unconciously aware of this, you were working harder to connect.

Contrast this with Steve's live cd with Larry Carlton, talk about totally connected with the tunes, just amazing...

Best of luck with quitting, Steve. It's difficult, but you can do it, and you will be so much happier in the end, with a true sense of freedom. The occasional difficulties with playing are merely temporary side effects of quitting. Soon you will be back better than ever! I can't wait to hear what you can do then!

Jim Moody

My prayers were answered more Youtube of Luke and Joe jammin on Further on up the Road. Now that is what I'm talking about.

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