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July 06, 2009


Laurie Monk

W O W !!!!!!!!

I have tix for BB King's but the site says Howe will not be the guitarist for that gig only. I await an announcement which should be forthcoming. Should be a fun time with Marco and Simon. Can you say drum solo's?

OK. this may be a stupid question, but is Greg Howe related to Steve Howe? I see your blog all the time on BlogExplosion, and have been too embarrassed to ask.


Hey no problem! No, they are not related.

Doug Widdemer

Had tickets for the North Star Bar Show last night got there and found out it was cancelled. I was bummed as I'm a big fan of Eddie (Zinc) and Greg's (Howe II and solo work) music.

Robert Spencer

He's really the same person. He just applies some dark makeup when he goes as Gregg.


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I personally never expect live recordings to be very good at the best of times – I’ve had to sit through some real stinkers. I rated the sound as “very good for a live recording” – I certainly didn’t want anyone to be steered in the wrong direction. Porcupine Tree, later King Crimson and later Pink Floyd recordings I deem as excellent, and I go down from there.

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