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July 02, 2009


Kirk Bickel

This is fantatstic!
I hope it is filmed for DVD.

Michael Wright

There's only a few thing that I've been hoping & praying for over the past 25 - 30 years...
One was that Chick & Mahavishnu work together again.
Presto...Five Peace of the most incredible albums released in many. many years!
Of course, Vinnie's prescence didn't hurt too much either...;D
Two was that Satch finally lean away from his instrumental 'ramblings' , and to get involved with a "real" "Rock Band."
Three was that Bill Connors come back, electrically, and play with Chick again.
They were a beautiful team, what with Chick's immense Jazz vocabulary at his fingertips, and Connors' somewhat 17-year old, sloppy, Jimmy Page-ish approach to attacking the guitar!
While Chick has maintained his skillful, yet playful approach to Fusion, proving that there are absolutely No Boundaries, Connors has excelled far beyond his RTF days, learning the immense possibilities of the fretboard, and showing it off via his Holdsworthian solo releases, "Step It," "Assembler" and "Double Up," and quite possibly saying that NOW is the time for a reunion of these two, now adult and awakened minds.
This could prove to be extremely special, and hopefully, will spark something that gets this particular "electric" quartet to play alot more than just this one date.
One can hope...right?
By the by...I DO have more that just three wishes!


THIS IS THE BEST NEWS!!! I'm absolutely freaking out!! I hope it goes well and they do more dates with Bill Connors..this is the RTF reunion I was waiting for!!

jon stultz

bill connors guitar can weave a basket, like coltrain. his writhing on hymn of the seventh galaxy album is extremly cosmic. i hope the old school fusion lives on.


I actually like Bill better as a solo artist. He isn't held back by the band. He is the pre-DeMeola, Holdworth guy that never got the credit he deserves.

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