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April 11, 2009


m. daj

8/25/09 - The long wait is over - get ready to be taken into "Another Dimension". My LTE (Liquid Tension Experiment) live 2008 just arrived and as usual the music is wonderful. This is a must for any fan. A few glitches and damaged areas are bothersome but over all a good investment in fine music. One can only hope that the creativity does not stop and that LTE completes some new music in 2010 and beyond. For those of you who have never heard LTE, this goes beyond traditional Dream Theater and provides some serious tunes. First off, you can tap into the genius behind Jordan Rudess keyboard playing and hear the great composition flow. For many Mike Portnay is considered one of the best drummers and here his playing comes across effortlessly. It is like watching Joe Satriani play the guitar live - he makes it look easy; like anyone could pick up and do it. The same with the drumming here, very complex and accomplished. I know I am comparing a guitar player to a drummer, but the very best musicians, regardless if the instrument, make it look easy and effortless while sounding outstanding. If you are a drummer and have never seen or heard of Portnoy, then you are missing out on some serious ear candy. Listen to this and become energized all over again. I can guarantee that you will be tapping on your knee, and if you do not play any longer, may just pull out your sticks again. Tony Levin and John Petrucci both rock. Universal Mind is a particular favorite but everything is outstanding and will amaze. Take the time to sit back and enjoy some great music that will put you in a "state of grace". MAD DANO 2009.



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