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November 15, 2008


martin miller-yianni

Bloody hell is he really back on the scene?


if you follow music and admire the artist. one would know that jeff has never left. and has always kept working. a true musso


I wish Jan Hammer was coming with him - their collaborations are the epitome of insturmental rock excellence. But I guess just Jeff will have to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have waited many years for Jeff to tour down under so pleased he is coming awesome want him to keep coming back and not wait 32 yrs again


yeah, would be awesome to see Jan Hammer play too.
not many seeps now


This is an awesome musical ensemble. Jeff is in top form, superb drummer Vinnie, and young Aussie girl bassist Tal Wilkenfeld is a sensation. This will be the best tour of the year. This is music for muso's.

Brendan Phillips

OMFG...have been waiting a lonnnng time to see this incredible musician and I knew it would be special but words do not do justice...had my jaw on the floor, rest of the time grinning, goosebumps...was near to tears a few times... hands down the most incredible mind blowing show I have ever been fortunate enough to witness...even more incredible is that so many people don't even know who this man is

Michael Mete

what can you say about a man that plays a guitar that dosent sound like a guitar : poetry : the pied pieper of music l was privliged to see him play at the palais and l thank him for it

Ruby Mikhile

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