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October 16, 2008



Scott Henderson finally came back around! In an early post-TT interview, he was done working with keyboards, except for Zawinul-- who he'd play with on any chance, except that JZ passed away. Then later on, Henderson hinted around that if he ever worked with keyboards, Kinsey would be the guy.

I think he enjoyed the flexibility of the trio thing, but he had to shoulder a lot too. He's probably ready for this change of dynamic. Maybe a condition was that Willis wouldn't be aboard. SH has talked about difficulties in TT related to how loud Willis plays.

I'm just totally speculating based on bits & pieces. This oughta be a great fusion gig!!!


Of course it's a Euro tour only. So we Americanos are stuck at home with the Youtube!

Linda Goetz

The Scott Kinsey Group California Scott Henderson - guitar, Matt Garrison – Bass, Kirk Covington – drums, Scott Kinsey - stacked keyboards will bring back the dynamite on May 17th at the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society. Cool venue, right on the beach!

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