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October 19, 2008



What a great review! I'm a big Jimmy Herring fan and will be buying this as soon as I can track it down here in the UK.


Thanks Gary! The official US release date is tomorrow, but you can get it from right now. Looks like UK will start shipping it on Oct 27th.

Laurie Monk

I thought there was something fishy about this release... Great work, I know how hard it is to put together an in depth review with actual meaning rather than hollow platitudes... Keep up the good work


Thanks Laurie!


Excellent review of a great album. I'm so glad that Jimmy finally got a chance to put all of his fantastic diminished licks down on a record! Now he can move on to new territories on future projects while we relish in the glorious sounds of 32+ bars or it...YES! I sure hope they are planning a tour to support this project.

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