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July 16, 2008


Rob Waxman

A great album indeed! Playing in my town would would be equally great.

Gary Freny

So great to see Greg Howe getting the recognition he deserves. I couldn't agree with you more "Sound Proof is arguably Greg Howe's best album ever".

Ignacio Arrayago

I agree: Greg Howe has become a truly Jazz-Fusion musician.This album prooves it. He has the groove that reminds me(aside the obvious stylistic differences)the beginnings of Robben Ford with The Yellow Jackets.

Matt Leo

Couldn't agree more! Great review of a fantastic album by Greg Howe. I also believe it may be his best yet. The depth of his playing is astounding to me, and his taste is impeccable.

Dan McMullin

Nice review.

I have to say that this disc was truly worth the wait. It's really fun and accessible, with a little something for just about everyone. It's hard to argue with those that say it may be his best work yet.

Here's hoping that Greg continues his exploration of the Latin sound. I've always wanted to hear some "Latin shred" (for lack of a better phrase) and "Reunion" serves as a great example of that. More, please.

How much did I like this? Well, it's the first disc I've actually bought in over a year. My money could not have been more well spent.

Luis Lubian

Fantastic review of a supernatural, STUNNING album!

Particularly "Child's play" connects to my senses in a really special way. I didn't felt that emotional vibe, that good since "Jump Start", and Introspection album in general.

I'm not necessariy saying neither these two mentioned songs belongs to the same style, nor recall the same mood. Not even close. But both of them, for some reason, evoke me the same positive, beautiful feeling and appeal to my 'inner groove' in a very strong way.

Undoubtedly it is one of my all-time fave ones from Greg, ever; and a BRILLIANT SONG in any case.

Finally, I specially like the cool fact that is placed just after "Write Me A Song". Cheers Greg!!


Luis - I agree, and thanks for the kind words!

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