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June 22, 2008



It was a very memorable show. It took me a few days to take it all in. I think what distinguishes Di Meola's playing from many of his contemporaries,is that he uses little, if any, string bending in his runs. And, that black Les Paul is a beautiful axe. And, "jaw-dropping" is a perfect description of Clarke's playing. He gave a nod to Chicago blues, with some call and response fun with the audience on some southside blues riffs.

Though they may not have broken any new ground with this tour, they continue to play vital, exciting music and show why they are the true pioneers of jazz fusion.

John Jackson

I caught them last night at Merriwether Post Pavillion in Columbia Md. Everthing you wrote is true. I am over 50 and saw them when. They are better now. Jaw-dropping is the proper adjective.


I'm not quite 50 (48) but I got hooked on this style of music from the early Chicago albums. I too saw them last night at Merriweather and it was the best show of any kind I've seen in decades. Warmup set by a band put together by Larry Coryell was a special treat (Chick said they did that just for this show -- wow! This is also the reason their set list was short for this show).

I have a question for anyone who knows -- where did the song "Summer Night" come from? I've seen that in previous show set lists (although they didn't play it last night). Is this a new song or something from one of the band members' earlier projects? I can't find a song by that name on any of their albums.


I saw them near the end of their tour in Tampa, and walked away from the theater with a huge grin plastered on my face. I consider myself so fortunate that I happened to see a barely advertised blurb the day of the show, and managed to get a ticket. Too bad we have such an anemic jazz station here in Tampa. Maybe if I could stand listening to pablum jazz all day I might have heard about the show in time to get a good seat. Oh well, that's a rant for another post.

What can I say about the show that the original review hasn't said. Stellar musicianship, energy and excellence from a group that hasn't toured together in 25 years. I was in awe of them when I saw them 32 years ago, and even more in awe today. Normally I get very bored with audiences that hoot and holler and stand after every song, but in this concert it was absolutely necessary. Every accolade from the mostly 50ish crowd was absolutely deserved.

I loved the electric first half, but it was the acoustic second set that really shined. Like the OP I appreciate DiMeola's fretboard fluidity, and like the OP I reveled in his lush chromatic work. Stanley Clarke is...nuff said. Lenny White seemed a little tired for much of the show, but still showed what real drumming talent means.

Chick Corea is an amazing composer, keyboardist, and band leader, and I'm so glad he brought this group together for what will always be one of the most memorable shows I've ever attended.

If you missed this tour, pray they come around again.

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