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April 25, 2008


Peanuts Hucko

John Petrucci's alternate picking may, for a second or two, rival that of Shan Lane's. But only in simple one string stuff and in very short bursts.
Lane's fast runs were longer and what is even more incredible, much more complex at the same speeds. Petrucci's picking stuff is very linear whereas Lane's solos incorporate huge interval stretches, odd rhythmic groupings and hybrid picking. Speed is not everything, you must also take into account the complexity. I've heard incredibly fast one string picking(faster than Lane) by unknown bedrooms shredders on Youtube.
But try to find one accurate cover of Lane's more complex solo's on Youtube. Very difficult to find one. In contrast there are virtually every Petrucci solos covered by fans. And it's not about Lane's "unknowness", Jason Becker is not much more famous, yet still covers of his very difficult songs/solos like Perpetual Burn or Serrana can be found on YT.
One must also remember that Petrucci is an avid technique practicer. Shawn, on the other hand didn't practise guitar technique AT ALL after he turned 17. He says that himself in this video:
Barry Bays said that Shawn didn't like to even touch guitar until just before gigs.
Plus all the other intruments Shawn Lane played. He played the drums on keyboard on Power of Ten -album(hi-hat to finger one, tom to finger two etc.), no sequencing or programming("Get You Back" and "West Side Boogie" were re-recorded with Andy Johns producing, Sean Rickman on drums and Barry Bays on bass). He could also play "real" drums(although there are sadly no recordings of him playing the drums as far as I know), bass and keyboard. Someone from Memphis even claimed that he was even better on violin, which is not difficult to believe when one sees his incredible left hand technique on the guitar(fast picking also requires solid, almost automatic fretting hand technique).
Also on the guitar, his fast lines sounded very fluid and effortless, like Guthrie Govan has also said. Not mechanical at all like some Rusty Cooleys who clearly try to play as fast as possible for the speed's sake.
Here's a couple of clips of Shawn on the piano:
Shawn Lane - Pluie d'√Čtincelles
Shawn Lane - Piano performance. Delta State University

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