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January 31, 2008


c day

how do i git tickets


Not sure. Try looking up and contacting the venues to inquire about tickets.

Mickey Zwern

Dear John,

Having met and known you from New york at Manny's Music you have always been a major influence on technical approach as well as the significance of playing from the heart. I am grateful to have met you on several occasions. Currently I am the top representative for Apple computers as well as the master guitarist for Septien Entertainment in Dallas Texas. In addition to artist development, teaching I am the cousin of Ronnie Scott/Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club London.

I wish you the best and continue to progress on your journey to new vistas.


Mickey Zwern
Mac Specialist
Guitarist/Artist Development/Teacher/Arranger


Hey Zwern,

You always had a very active imagination... How come none of your claims above check out?

Thank God I haven't seen you in a long time ;-) and just so you know I can now claim -FOR REAL- to be a top 10 Music Producer.

You know who I am...

(Don't forget to practice with a metronome)

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