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January 22, 2008


Mark LeSage

Awesome! I can't wait! I've wanted to go the NAMM show for so long now. How much did cost to get in? Can anybody attend if they can pony up the cash?


Glad you're back safe Rich. Can't wait to see the pix and hear about the sights and sounds.


Russ - Thanks Dad!

Mark - No, it's not open to the public. It's an industry-only trade show. I had press credentials from Modern Guitars Magazine. I've gone about 4 times in the past, but that was many years ago when it was easy to get in with someone else's badge. This year the security was extremely tight. Everyone had to show a photo ID to prove it matched the name on your badge. I had to do that multiple times a day going in and out the main exhibit halls. It was crazy. Tons of people this year too. I read in the local Anaheim paper that the NAMM folks are talking about moving the show out of Anaheim unless the city expands the convention center. The show keeps getting bigger and they are running out of room.

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