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December 19, 2007


Rob Waxman

Saw this band in the 70s, and the reunion in 1980. I'm ready for the third time around. Saw Chick's Elektric Band a few weeks ago. As always, wonderful. Especially great as Victor Wooten is the bassist on this tour, my first time experiencing the Victor magic. Such a different vibe than with other bassists in this band. Groove city. Stanley will be at the brand new Yoshi's in San Francisco in a few weeks. Can't wait to see him play material from Toys Of Men.

Jared Harrison

This is the #1 show of the summer for me. I'm in Dallas, and I flew to see Al in Las Vegas in Oct.. I saw Stanley in Dallas, back in September. I've seen them both before, but never Chick or Lenny. I'm ready for RTF!

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