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December 30, 2007


Electric guitars

Gambale is a great guitar player. His style comes from learning to play the guitar by listening keyboard players, which is unique, the same as his style.

Seks Slike

Just to say thanks for the great post..hey, i've bookmarked this blog too, how cool is that huh ? ;)

I hope it is not too late for me to wish you a Happy New Year ... Enjoy the weekends ..;)


Frank gets all the votes but to me he plays like someone who knows all the chops and plays them with not a lot of feeling or rhythm or soulfulness, just flourish after flourish, and never a chord to be seen.

I like his instructional stuff much better than I like seeing him play in a group.


You can't be serious. Gambale with any band live is so damn exiciting, it blows my mind. He nearly always builds with melody ideas then explodes arps after arps, it's awesome. I think you, Ron, probably don't even own a Frank Gambale CD. Get off the instructional and buy a cd or check out the DVD concert with class or Modern Drummer with Steve Smith/ Vital Information on an Electric Guitar.

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