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October 08, 2007



It's funny only the rich can enjoy stevie's memory in this nice guitar...why cant fender make an exact replica for everyone to enjoy at around $1500.00?

Its a true shame people are benefitting from stevie's death as a way to make big money.

I am truly digusted at these " boutique " prices that only the rich can afford.

And one other thing worth mentioning... I had an S.R.V. signature series guitar once upon a time. Nice guitar, but not the same as his... Its also a shame that fender wouldn't make an exact replica of that that has chrome hardware and the proper stickers instead of engraving on the pickguard....It wouldn't kill them to make a beat up guitar with the chrome hardware and everything....just like his...from $1500.00 or in that vicinity. I think fender cheaps out on the true details of the the way a real signature piece is offered.

For gods sake, get the guitar right and have the details correct and stop marketting these rigs to only the rich.



I don't mean to sound rude, it is a really nice guitar, but not anything that everyone can enjoy at a reasonable price. His original "Lenny" only costed about $500.00 to $600.00 back in the day.

Yes I am aware that it is 2007, but can't Fender see that this new Lenny guitar is only the same thing as the original? It's still the same wood , paint and handwork to build a strat as it is to build this new one.

Does it cost this much for alder now??

I really think these companies should stop marketting these guitars as royalty pieces and come down to earth a bit more with thier prices. They are extremely unreasonable and unacceptable.

After all, it is the same wood and materials used to make these guitars and the same 40 to 50 year old equipment is used as well. Someone should make these guitars available to everyone, not just rich people.

I do give the Fender company, or custom shop my applause on this nice guitar, but I think Leo Fender would be truly disappointed if he were here to see these prices. Shame on Fender.


im just very shocked for the price ( im french ), it's a shame to use the death of somebody. stevie woudn't have accepted this and fender know it !!! he would never have accepted that they make so much money with his art, he was against the commercial aspect and had respect for his fans, fender does not have it. this is disgusting. we shall go on to share our art against these sales and marketing person as stevie did.

Richard Smithey

$17,000? Fender Is out of it's mind!!! First of all, they should have NEVER given over $600,000.00 for the original!!! I don't know why a piece of wood becomes the holy grail once you stamp the name Clapton or SRV on something. Does a really good plumber get to ask $15,000 for his pipe wrench? Come on people, cut the hero worship. Yea Stevie was the best, but we're still just talking a piece of wood with 6 strings. I own 16 guitars and my highest priced instrument is around $1300.00 and my lowest is about $145.00 and they all play great and sound great, and if they get burned up in the fires of the idols of the false wooden gods, then so be it!!! I'll go and find another bargain.

I don't want to come off sounding like sour grapes because of the fact that I don't have seventeen grand to drop on the latest Fender gimmick, but if I did, I think I could find something a little more practical to spend it on, let's say a car or an education or maybe some land.

The good news is, there are a lot of great guitars out there that are reasonably priced that are just dying to be played by, WHO KNOWS! the next, SRV!!!

Posted By: The voice of reason.


$1,700 more like it. they would've sold thousand's more.. do the math.. greedies.

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