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July 14, 2007



Thanks for the vid. Great looking guitar, too.


For those that are interested, in the US, Parkwood hybrids are only sold at Guitar Center.

But, as of Feb. 2008, Guitar Center has sold out of all H4's and only have some H2's left. I spoke to the people at Parkwood, and they are attempting to strike a new deal with Guitar Center for another large order. If things go well, you could expect to see more Parkwood H4's at Guitar Center as early as April or May.

Until then, we're all out of luck.


Man i just got the H2 and it is sick!!!

guanacaste costa rica

Hey ... I had to stop at this site to say that this incredibly informed about one of the sweetest instruments and subtlety of the music as the guitar, just amazing, thanks for improving my life with this information, because as they say around ... . never stop learning to play guitar.

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