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December 31, 2006


Rob Carty

Neat shot. Take a close look at the keyboard player (I assume it's T Lavitz). Look at the way the chair is perched halfway on an anvil case. Daring!

Rob Carty

Oops, now I see it wasn't T Lavitz sitting on the precarious chair. Which makes sense, since he's still alive!


I recently heard an old live Dregs performance of the Allman Bro's Jessica. It was pretty straight too. They actually didn't take it out that much-- just kinda stuck close to the original. It was interesting.


How old was it? I know the Dregs played Jessica live in 1999 and 2001. Was the show you heard from that era, or from the pre-1983 period before they broke up?

Birney Bull

That would be Steve Davidowski, their first keyboard player, who appeared on their first album, Free Fall.

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