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June 08, 2008


Ricky Sharples

Yes, John Mclaughlin is very good at assembling bands of great musicians.

Paolo Lazazzara

After the disappointing Industrial Zen mr. McLaughlin is back with something very very nice!
The young Feraud is a monster and all the band sounds bright and sharp. Four Stars!!

Richard Campbell

When I open John's website I'm hit with the most beautiful sounds I've heard in years which I believed comprised Floating Point. The actual recording is disappointing to me. Too much is going on. Bass and drums are too busy. If John were to release a recording with just two tracks--keyboards and guitar, I would love it. I must admit that maybe this is because I'm a fan of ambient music, but that's what I like.

celso krause

A masterpiece!Like any mc laughlin's musical craftsmanship!!!I cannot agree with the critics about mc laughlin's music.I think that the music of mahavishnu john mc laughlin is too hard to understand,but the listeners haven't to understand JM music...his music is about spiritual things,not about technics..if he's play better than every guitarrist live,and it is more that obvius,is because he live his music,and the music for JM is like a religion,John Mc Laughlin and his music is above any criticizes...God save Mahavishnu!


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