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February 04, 2008



Hi! I was sitting right behind you on the gig, and it was for me a strange experience (not sitting behind you ;-) ). I'm from Norway and we were that week attending a training course at JBL. Right before we had been to Universal city eating dinner when one of the other course attendees suggested taking a trip to "Baked potatoe" I didn't even know which band that were going to play. We just looked at the PA system and just laughed a bit because we were thinkin' it was a quite strange collection of low end equipment. Other people from the audience were taking pictures of the backline, and I just thought; it's great equipment, but why are they taking pictures???
When the band started playing I was just blown away!! This was great! The next thing I remember is the feeling when I discovered who was playing!!! Just 2 meters away from me!!
I'm a bass player myself, and there, just 3 meters away Abe Laboriel Sr were playing! Strange feeling!!!
It was a great gig and it was great hearing what these musicians could make out of the "equipment collection"!
I agree, I've never seen a band so close eachother, musically, and it grooved insane!!

Yours, Halvard, Odda, Norway.


Hello. What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.
I am from Indonesia and now teach English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "This punk can burn a huge design to drum, but it is slightly double."

With respect 8), Miranda.


The Potato is a fantastic place and growing up I spent many a Friday and Saturday night listening to legendary guitar players like Carlton and Lukather, amazing bass players like Abe Sr. and Pop Popswell. And drummers like Jeff Porcarro and Vinnie Colaiuta. And of course, Greg Mathieson. I moved to the mid-west 19 years ago and I've really missed the Potato. When I heard that Jazz Ministry was going to be playing there earlier this year I booked a trip just to see them. It was wonderful. You did a great job describing the way these guys gel together. Seeing father and son Laboriel was especially cool. I knew Abe Sr. when his son was just a little kid and I remember the day he told me that he had started taking drum lessons from Alex Acuna. I thought... "why drums" when his dad was one of the greatest bass players ever? I guess he knew what he was doing. "Little Abe" is unbelievably great. And Landau... maybe the most humble guitar heros ever. I talked with him a bit and paid him a complement and he said "I've been really lucky". He was serious. Good guy. Thanks again for the cool article!


Hi Rich!

I was at that very show! It was my first time at the Spud, and I was totally blown away by the whole experience. Landau's TONE that night was the warmest I've ever heard. I also enjoyed Laboriel Sr.'s prayer, which was so heart-felt. I got two big bear hugs from him that evening - he's a very loving and warm person! Also hung out with Landau after, and he showed me his gear, and I took pics. Really nice guy, too. Now FB "friends" with Greg, and stay in touch with what he's doing. I agree totally with your excellent review of this show. I think we may have emailed about this after the '08 NAMM. Anyway, fun to revisit this incredible show - found this article on a Google search for The Jazz Ministry. Thanks again!

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