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October 22, 2006


Rob Carty

Wow, Rich. Nice scoop. I especially like the part about the cheap Korean Steinberger and the demo version of Waves. If Alex is using that stuff, I guess none of us has any excuses.



Thanks man. I felt the same way when Alex mentioned the guitar, and that he used the demo of Waves. I thought, "Look at the album he made with this stuff!".


Thanks for introducing me to this artist.

John W. Patterson

Very cool interview! Loved it. A Korean Steinberger?! OMG -- now I know my chops blow when I hear how these guys pull such awesome whankage outta near-POS modded gear. back to the woodshed to spank myself in shape!


Happy click and comment Monday.


Thanks John!


Hey Rich,
Great interview! You're blog is happening these days! Lot's of cool stuff.



Great interview and nice scoop! Alex is a tremendous guitarist and it was really cool to read that interview. Nice job man!


Thanks Jason!

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I went and downloaded some of Alex's music after reading this blog.
Nice stuff man love the sound!

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